Prince Rupert Sunset Along The Highway

Sunset along highway 16 between Terrace and Price Rupert. Taken Moday October 15th 2018

Was driving to Prince Rupert for work recently, only a few clouds in the sky. I looked out my window and seen a gorgeous sunset in the horizon. There was a rest area just a few hundred metres away, so I stopped. I got out of my vehicle, set up my tripod and set my exposure. I used the remote on my phone for this one, I didn’t want to disturb the camera as the shutter opened. Out popped this photo, and with a bit of editing, this came to be!

I love the hard contrast between the mountains and the sky. The orange and golden yellows in the middle fade into a creamy blue. As you get higher into the sky, the blue dark with wisps of clouds. All the colors reflecting off of the ocean ripples which are softened from the long shutter speed.

I made sure to capture this as the lowest ISO that I could, so I kept it at 100, and kept the shutter open for 15 seconds. I wanted to let as much light in while still getting a sharp image, so I felt f5.6 could accomplish this.